How can I help you?

I offer ongoing specialist VA support in all these areas…

Online Marketing Strategy & Action

Marketing Tech VA Services

This is for you if you want someone on your team to strategise and plan with. Someone who understands how online marketing systems work best.

  • Consistent support and advice on marketing strategy

  • Understanding of best tactics to deliver chosen strategy

  • Hands-on support to take the required action steps

  • Writing and running promotional campaigns

  • Setting up and launching new products & programmes

  • Focus, focus, focus!

Expert MailerLite Assistance

Certified MailerLite Expert

This is for you if you have a MailerLite account and want to get it set up and working efficiently to the full extent of its fantastic capabilities.

  • Account set-up and/or transition

  • Managing & segmenting subscriber lists

  • Designing email, sign-up form & landing page templates

  • Building automation sequences

  • Ecommerce integration

  • Setting up & managing sites

Mailing Lists, Automations & Newsletters

Funnel Builder Package

This is for you if you want some help managing your mailing list and sending out emails.

  • Segmenting & managing mailing lists

  • Creating email templates for promo campaigns & newsletters

  • Designing & building automation sequences

  • Running promo email campaigns

  • Managing regular newsletter schedules

Website & Blog Management

Lead Magnet Package

This is for you if you want to keep your website clean, clear, well-structured & up-to-date.

  • Focus on clean website structure and navigation

  • Creating opt-in pages for lead magnet offers

  • Building sales pages & integrating with ecommerce packages

  • Loading and maintaining blog posts

  • Ongoing SEO management

Marketing Systems Integration

Infusionsoft Support

This is for you if you want to make sure your systems are properly integrated & offering a seamless user experience.

  • Ensuring no disconnects or continuity issues for users

  • Integrating payment options

  • Setting up Zapier integrations

  • Installing relevant plugins where required

  • Ensuring sign-up forms function correctly

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads Package

This is for you if you want to grow your list fast & get your message out to a MUCH bigger audience.

  • Setting up and managing your tracking pixel and events

  • Building the best audiences for you to advertise to

  • Creating your ads – including copywriting & graphics

  • Testing, monitoring & optimising the results

  • Managing your advertising budget effectively

Certified MailerLite Expert
Campaign Monitor
Microsoft Office
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Facebook Ads